About Us

Before coming to the core issue of what our blog site / is really all about, a word about art forms and its many manifestations will be in order. Art is broadly compartmentalised into a number of categories – performing arts, visual arts, literary arts, photography and the like. Each has its own exclusivity and often one spills over onto another.

The focus of our site is performing arts with special emphasis on dance. Now what is performing art? It is one where artists use either inanimate objects or their voices and their bodies to express a feeling or a story or a line of thought. It is usually performed before a live audience. Performing art is distinct from another important art type, the visual arts where artists paint on canvas or other materials or chip away on stone as in sculpture to create physical and static forms.

Here is a snap shot of our site that will help visitors understand what our goals and objectives are.

Blogs on our site cover the various performing arts in detail – theatre, music and dance being the primary ones. Of these, most of our blogs will be focussed on dance and its many aspects. We will go into the various dance forms that have evolved over the ages, right from the ancient temple dance of courtesans to the modern salsa and the tango. Write-ups on our site will cover dance that originates as an impulse as distinct from dance that is skilfully choreographed by professionals to illustrate a story or a feeling.

We believe that art cannot be straitjacketed into sections. For example dance is intricately linked with music which is another form of performing arts. Hence our blogs will have details on how music and dance complement each other and how the two are brought together to express specific emotions and feelings.

Our team of writers are all well conversant in this field of performing arts. Some of our bloggers are established artists while still others are critics who have made a name for themselves in this specialisation.

Visit our site for a comprehensive overview of performing arts and dance.